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Species at Risk

The size, intactness, connectivity and ecological diversity of the 445,628-hectare (1,101,173-acre) Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area support an exceptional diversity of species. Over 1,000 species have been identified at the Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve alone.

In southeastern Manitoba we are very fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of nature and wildlife. Some of the species we live alongside have been identified as requiring special care and management to ensure their Manitoba-based populations continue to exist. These species are known as species at risk (SAR). In fact, seven globally imperilled species make their home in the natural area, including Canada’s only populations of Powesheik Skipperling and Western Prairie White-fringed Orchid.

We can all play our own small role in aiding the recovery efforts to ensure SAR survive and thrive so that the next generation has the same opportunity to enjoy them as we have. A booklet was created as a means of raising awareness for all 28 SAR in the tall-grass prairie ecosystem, an ecosystem that itself is endangered.