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American Badger


The American badger is best described as being short and stocky, weighing 4 – 12 kg, with an overall flat appearance. Equipped with powerful front legs and claws that may reach 4 cm, they are built for digging. Due to their greyish colouring and striped face, the American badger may be mistaken for the striped skunk and even the common raccoon. The American badger is found in more rural settings, while striped skunks and common raccoons are found in both rural and urban settings.


American badgers are generally found in unforested grasslands, shrublands, pastures and fields, while trying to avoid cultivated land. A key feature to the habitat is loamy soil which can support their underground den (also called a sett). A male American badger may have a home range of 60 square kilometres.

Did You Know?

Dachshunds were specifically bred to hunt American badgers. The German translation of dachshund is “badger hound”.