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About Us

The Shared Legacy Partnership is a cooperative working group led by the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn and The Nature Conservancy of Canada along with partners Sunrise Corner Economic Development and Province of Manitoba.

The primary focus of The Partnership is to alleviate threats for species at risk and improve their habitat through effective communication and coordination between the partners and targeted outreach.

A hidden gem centered right here in Sunrise Corner in southeastern Manitoba, the Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area covers 445,628 hectares and supports one of the largest and last remaining tall-grass prairie landscapes in North America. It forms the northern end of an international conservation corridor comprised of protected and managed prairies, wetlands, forests and streams within a working landscape that includes conservation, agriculture and eco-tourism.

The tall-grass prairie is home to 28 listed Canadian species at risk (SAR), such as the monarch butterfly, the globally rare Poweshiek skipperling butterfly, and the Western prairie fringed orchid. Many of these species depend on the tall-grass prairie for their very survival.

What is the Shared Legacy Partnership mandate?
  • Creating and delivering a strategy for sharing Stuartburn’s unique nature with future generations.
  • Engaging with local producers, landowners, Stuartburn residents, and Indigenous groups to guide our direction.
  • Pursuing “win-win” solutions that work for the ecosystem, landowners, residents, our economy, and communities.
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