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Nature, Culture & Economy

The Shared Legacy Partnership goal is to help advance understanding of the wonder of Manitoba’s Tall Grass Prairie Natural Area, its relationship with agriculture, and the natural heritage that benefits all residents.

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Nature Conservancy of Canada


NatureShared Legacy is creating and delivering a strategy for sharing our unique nature in the RM of Stuartburn with future generations.
CultureShared Legacy is engaging with local producers, landowners, Stuartburn residents, and Indigenous communities to guide our direction.
EconomyShared Legacy is pursuing “win-win” solutions that work for the ecosystem, landowners, residents, our economy, and communities.

In the News

As we build awareness of the incredible tall-grass prairie in southeast Manitoba, the story is being shared through various channels.

  • Species at Risk Spotlight: Mapleleaf Mussel
    March 2024 Dawson Trail Dispatch: When living in a healthy water system, the mapleleaf mussel has a lifespan that can reach over sixty years.
  • Species at Risk Spotlight: Barn Swallow
    February 2024 Dawson Trail Dispatch: In the tall-grass prairie, there is no other species at risk that we live more closely with than the barn swallow.
  • Species at Risk Spotlight: Yellow Rail
    January 2024 Dawson Trail Dispatch: Yellow rail are very seldom seen; more often, they are heard making a distinct “click-click” call that sounds as if two small stones are being tapped together.

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Shared Legacy Partnership participates in and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you there.

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